Sillousoune ?

Sillousoune is very messy.
Painter- Artistic coach, Web designer on his lost time, he also plays music, (sings, plays guitar, write lyrics), right a strang novel from years, takes a lot a pictures, everything in desorder and non schaduled.

Sillousoune is curious and creative. Obsessed by his little labyrith,  that he has produced on his fridge many years ago (proof right here), he keeps doing it again and again in Paintings. « Oxymores » are representations that everybody sees as it wants.

Below : Wild graphic fight with a fridge who couldn’t defend him – self… Strange but true…


Aged 1
Electrocuting his finger led to “energetic tendencies” in his right hand. These haven’t stopped since, particularly with illustrative art.​
At 3
years old:Paper, cardboard, friends’ forearms, shoe soles… anything within arm’s reach he would draw on.
6 years old
The invasion of school book margins: figurative drawings with thin black pens. “Rotring” pens (fountain pens for drawing lines of one thickness), fine felt tips. No colour.
12 years old
He negotiated the use of the left wall on the landing leading to his bedroom, covering it with drawings, day in day out. This led to doing the same on his jeans and jackets.

And now…? Sometimes complex but never complicated, SIllousoune is not a cursed artist. He is not tortured. Not even unhappy. A vast career: teaching, graphics, multimedia, communication, exhibitions. Humanism, music, abundance.
​The visible part of this ever-growing “iceberg” is creativity. Drawing will always be part of his life: obsessional but playful, colourful but unpretentious.​
On the whole: understated but intense, delicate but powerful… hence oxymorons!